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More than just Speeds and Feeds: Architecting Cloud Connectivity for Campus Workloads - Shared screen with speaker view
Sara Jeanes
As long as you are using Cloud Connect, or Internet2 Peer Exchange, there is no additional charge by Internet2 for these services.
Sara Jeanes
Helpful links and emails: internet2.edu/awsbit.ly/cloudwikinetplus@internet2.educloudconnect_request@internet2.edu
Transit gateway questions:
- Roadmap for inter-region peerings?
- Monitoring capabilities of the transit gateway itself? Right now I can see VPN/DC usage in CloudWatch, but I can’t see peering utilization. I also can’t see bgp state/status in real time or in detail.
George Loftus
Internet2 plans to provide access to Gov Cloud when we have requests to do so.
Matt Zekauskas
And, as Brian mentioned, if Direct Connect is what you are looking for, you can accept the direct connect connection with the commercial account that is paired with the govecloud account, attaching it to a direct connect gateway that can then bridge to govcloud VPCs. Brian and I tested this a small number of months ago.
Another TGW question: Egress waiver was mentioned for direct connect transit gateway peerings. Is that also on the roadmap/likely for VPN TGW connections?
George Loftus
Helpful YouTube video that demonstrates how the Cloud Connect Portal makes DX configurations easy to implement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va3sK6Sy1Rs&t=8s
Question for UNC: Are you automating your AWS networking configurations (like per-VPC), if so, how, and how are you integrating your automation to your on-prem IPAM/DCIM tools (if at all)
Daniel Shue
Is there any native data encryption solution in the roadmap for directconnect? such as end to end MACsec support?
Scott Daffron (ODU)
We have security concerns over privacy of Cloud Connect, since it goes through both the connector and Internet2 networks. In L3 mode, they're additionally concerned about the possibility of configuration error or other breach allowing unintended traffic into the I2 VRF. Has Internet2 received this feedback from other EDUs, and if so, is the only answer to run one/multiple VPN connections over Cloud Connect?